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Main dish
Kurrat/ Barasya (Leek Stew)


Want a hearty yet nutritious and light meal? Leek is your answer. Cooked w/out meat and served with bread and lemon, leek will definitely surprise you with its subtle smooth taste.


Mihshai Malfoof (Cabbage Rolls)

cabbage rolls

An all-time-favorite winter/fall food. Although making cabbage rolls takes a bit more time, it's worth every minute. Cabbage leaves are stuffed with rice and meat and cooked in garlic-lemon stock. Cabbage ribs are kept to prepare a very delicious mutabal on the side.


samaka harra (Chili Fish)

Hot fish

Your favorite type of fish stuffed with flavorful sun-dried red pepper and walnut. A dish easy to make yet suitable your big and small feasts.


Fasolia blahmi (Green bean stew)

Green Bean stew

Green beans is slowly cooked with ground beef and tomato. It is served with rice and Syrian salad on the side. An easy and healthy dish for your busy days if you have already-cut green beans.


Mutabal Hamwi (Three-layer eggplant dip)

Three-layer eggplant dip

If you like dipping then this is your ultimate dish! Three layers of mutabal, tomato stew and parsley that blend in your mouth with a unique flavor.


Ojji (Syrian Omelette)

Syrian Omelette

Crunchy from the outside, chewy from the inside, this is Syrian ojji/omelette. Traditionally made with parsley, yet you can use spinach or zucchini or your favorite veggie. Syrian oftentimes eat it with Addas bi Husrem (Lentil parsley soup).


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