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Main dish
Maqluba (Upside down eggplant and rice)


A feast for your eyes and belly, maqluba is a Syrian specialty for your special occasions. It can be made with beef or chicken using eggplants, or substitute with cauliflower or mushrooms and turn all upside down!


Oven Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Roasted Chicken

Chicken is roasted with potato slices and lots of garlic. One of the most popular oven chicken dishes in Syria. Serve with flat bread and dip in lemon garlic dip (It's a must!).




A staple Syrian dish, very versatile that people eat it fried, roasted, grilled, cooked in different sauces or even raw.This recipe is for the basic Kibbeh dough. Click on the links for specific kibbeh recipes.


Mujadara (Lentil pilaf)


Simplicity at its best! Lentil and burgul cooked and garnished with crunchy onion. Mujadara is a very old vegetarian dish. Traditionally, many Syrians used to have it in big gatherings especially in public hammams (baths).


Ardi Shoki blahmi (Stuffed artichoke hearts)

Stuffed artichoke

This simple recipe brings out the special flavor artichoke has to offer. Syrians eat mainly the heart of artichokes (not the leaves). The hearts are stuffed with meat and served with rice.


Yakhanit batata (Potato stew)

Potato stew

If you are a stew lover, this is the one for you! A rich deep blend of flavors. Lamb slowly cooked with potatoes and garnished with parsely/cilantro. A dish sure to fill your eyes and stomach.


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