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Ghraybeh (Syrian Sugar Cookies)

Rice Pudding

These melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies are easy to make. You only need three ingredients to make a dessert loved by all, big and small!


Maamoul bi Ajwa (Date Cookies)


Filling your house (and heart) with sweet baking smells, Maamoul bi Ajwa is associated with special occasions like Eid, but can be eaten year round too. It is a golden crumbly cookie with a sweet date filling.


Tamria (Caramelized Dates)


A quick sweet dish that's great for breakfast, supper. Tamria is also used as a stuffing for the famous date cookies (Maamoul).


Baklawa (Baklava)


Baklawa.. that crunchy yet velvety heavenly layers of buttery flakes and flavored nuts, the perfect combination for your special treat time! Syrians make dozen varieties of Baklawa. This is the most common one.


Roz Bhaleeb (Rice Pudding)

Rice Pudding

Indulge your senses in this cool smooth creamy dessert. Rice is cooked until completely done to thicken milk. The mixture simmers to attain a perfectly smooth texture. Rose water will add a mysterious heavenly touch.


Ater (Syrup)


Ater is a sweet syrup that is scooped over many Syrian desserts such as Baklawa (Baklava), Harisi (Semolina cake), and atayef. It is often flavored with mazahr (orange blossom water) or maward (rose water).


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