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Muhamara (Walnut Dip)


A dip with a different taste, texture and flavor than your usual mezze spread. Walnut, red pepper, pomegranate molasses render a taste you will never forget.


Ajeen (Savory Dough)


Use this light dough to make different varieties of appetizer pastries such as Olive mini pies and spinach pies. You can also use it to make pizza. If in a hurry, substitute with ready-made biscuit dough).


Borak Zaitoon (Olive mini pies)

Olive pie

Another easy-to-make savory pastry that will add extra zing to your appetizer parties and snacks. Green olives and red pepper go perfectly together in many Syrian dishes.


Safiha (Mini Meat Pies)


A favorite appetizer party dish, both flavorful and easy to make. Traditionally it is round-shaped like a saucer, but this is a very easy recipe that tastes exactly the same.


Eggplant Pickles | Print |

Eggplant pickles

Bored with your everyday traditional dill pickles? Try eggplant pickles with a texture and garlicky flavor like no other. Eggplants are boiled and stuffed with garlic and red pepper before they are fermented.


Tarator (tahini dressing)

Tahini dressing

The most important dressing for Syrian sandwiches. Simple to make and keeps well. Add it to grilled meat, fried veggies, falafel and shawerma.


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