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Side dish
Burgul Wheat


Burgul (or bulgur in Greek) is a famous side dish that substitutes rice in many Syrian meals. It has a light nutty flavor and is high in fiber and vitamins. It is the perfect match for tomato stew, mujadara, and yogurt dishes.


Macarona bi laban (Yogurt Pasta)

Bean salad

Although pasta is not native to the Syrian kitchen, yogurt pasta is a successful and favorite adaption. Yogurt is a creamy healthy alternative to Alfredo sauce. This can be eaten as an appetizer or a side dish next to meats or as a quick healthy snack.


Mfarakit Kusa (Zucchini Dip)

Zucchini dip

Zucchini is cooked and mashed with a blend of spices, specifically mint. An easy dip or side dish that can be eaten in any season. Warm your flat bread then dip your way through!


Addas bi Husrem (Lentil Parsley soup)

Addas bi Husrem

A comfort food for many Syrians, Addas bi Husrem (or Addas bi Hamed) is a very healthy and flavorful citrusy dish. Lentils, parsley and lemon are simmered to make a thick soup often eaten with Ojji (Syrian Omelette)i.


Fasolia Bzait (Green Beans with Olive Oil)

Green Beans

Fresh green beans are cooked with garlic and Syrian extra virgin olive oil. Syrian olive oil is dense and very flavorful. This dish can be eaten warm or cold with Syrian flat bread.


Shorbit Adas (Lentil Soup)

lentil soup

Lentil soup is the most traditional soup in the Syrian Kitchen. A staple food in Ramadan where many restaurants and street stands sell it hot in bowls embelished with lemon slices. This soup can be made with brown or red lentil.



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